It is not an overstatement to say that my legal practice was literally transformed the day I came across Tom Deutsch. Tom was serving in the capacity as a guardian ad litem (court appointed representative for allegedly incapacitated persons under Washington State guardianship law) in a guardianship case where the vulnerable adult was an elderly man who had fallen the victim of financial exploitation and physical abuse by a family member. Not only was Tom able to find an appropriate care setting for this man, he took immediate action to secure his financial assets and residence-all in the space of a few days after being appointed. At the time Tom was also working in the capacity as the Administrator of a assisted living and retirement complex of one of the county's largest care facilities. He had previously owned and operated his own adult foster care homes and served as a law enforcement officer. This background gave him the unique ability to assess the specific care needs of the individual, determine the appropriate financial means (private and government) available, fill out the forms and take whatever other steps were necessary to protect the incapacitated person until a permanent solution could be found. I worked with him for the better part of 10 years in probably close to 100 cases. The courts and attorneys involved relied on his judgment in these cases, including in highly contested matters where opinions flew in every direction like a plague of locusts. I can think of no one more qualified or honorable to provide advice and assistance in every aspect of care and housing or for vulnerable adults and their families.

Jessica Dimitrov
Washington State Attorney (retired)

Mr. Deutsch was widely recognized as the gold standard for Guardian ad Litems in Southwest, Washington.

Dr. Stephen S Meharg, Phd
Board Certified with the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology

I am a retired Superior Court judge.  I have worked with Tom Deutsch professionally during all of my years on the bench.  Tom is competent, professional and highly ethical.  While not a lawyer, Tom's knowledge of elder law is better than my own.  When I had questions about Social Security, involuntary commitments or placement recommendations, Tom was always my first choice for guidance.  In addition to his professional competence, Tom's personality is open, respectful and caring.  Highly recommended.   

James E. Warme
Judge of the Cowlitz County Superior Court, Washington, Retired

I have had the privilege of working with Tom Deutsch for many years.  He has been a tremendous asset to the courts in Washington, and a very knowledgeable and passionate advocate for the elderly.  His knowledge of the law, the resources available, and the challenges faced by our senior citizens and their families is unparalleled.

Stephen Warning
Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge (retired)

I am an elder law attorney in Southwest Washington and have known, and worked with, Tom Deutsch for nearly two decades. He was the court-appointed Guardian ad Litem in scores of the guardianship cases I was involved with. His three decades of service in the long-term care industry gave him a unique perspective on the issues raised in guardianship cases involving seniors. He brought a well-informed, holistic approach to guardianship cases in which he was appointed. His creative solutions and sense of urgency helped families deal with difficult transitions thanks to his understanding of the medical issues of aging, the complex financial challenges and the impacts on families facing agonizing decisions.

David H. Rorden PS
Attorney At Law